I am the President/General Manager of Mattco Forge Co.  This Company has 30 workstations and six servers. I have been using Earl Consulting Services since 2001 for all of my IT work.  During that time frame Jarvis has been able to upgrade our system to keep current with new technology and software while demonstrating a cost effective alternative to a full time IT staff.  Additionally the reliability of our system is outstanding.

Jon C. Lindbeck


Earl Consulting Services has been our IT Support provider since 2004.  In that time, Earl Consulting has incorporated technological choices which have had a great positive impact on our business process.  They really listened to our needs and, in coordination with our development team, helped us achieve a technological advantage over our competition.  Additionally, they have provided outstanding response times to issues we have experienced.  We feel Earl Consulting Services is an important part of our continued success.

Colin Cormac


We had a situation where our computer needed updating so we called our neighbor for help. It turned out that our drive was reformatted and we were sure all our email, bookmarks etc. had been lost.

Our neighbor called Earl Consulting Services and they were able to connect directly to our computer from their offices. It was amazing to watch our curser move around the screen as the technician found ways to save all our lost files.

It is wonderful how cost and time efficient you folks at Earl Consulting are and we will definitely call on you again.

Thank You,

Bob and Joan Lowell


To Whom It May Concern:

Jarvis has worked on my computer a couple of times over the past year or so. He shows up on time, is completely professional, and treats me kindly, even though I consider myself to be among the “technically challenged”.  

Not only did Jarvis take good care of getting my computer problem resolved, he went beyond that to checking it out and doing what needed to be done to make it operate at top efficiency.  I highly recommend Jarvis to anyone who needs top notch computer support, whether you need individual service or service for your team.

Speed, great service, efficiency, and reasonable fees – what could be better?

Best regards,

Sue Koch
Career and Life Design Coach