At Earl Consulting Services we believe that a successful installation depends largely on the planning process. However, during the installation it is important to ensure that the installation proceedure impacts user productivity as little as possible. Limiting or elliminating downtime is a major goal of the installation process. This can be achieved through installation or configuration of new hardware before its move to production or doing work after hours.

Although most of our installations are performed without a hitch and are seemless implementations of technology, we believe that it is important to take steps to safeguard your current data and configuration.

Our process dictates that no major modification is done to the production environment without a proper and tested backup. This ensure that any accidental data loss in the server environment can be restored.

Additionally, any modification to the production infrastructure must be accompanied by an appropriate plan to pull back the modifications in case the implementation is unsuccessful. This ensures that, if there was a flaw in the planning process, failure of new hardware, or accidental misconfiguration the result will ultimately not effect the prodcution environment and result in minimal downtime.

At Earl Consulting Services we take pains to safeguard your environment during any major modification to your infrastructure.