IT Strategy Planning

IT Strategy Planning

IT systems can help to create competitive advantage for your company, by improving customer service, accelerating time to market for products or services and reducing operational costs by automation of tasks. Stable systems that are securely available to local and remote workers, are the foundation of an effective business.

These IT systems can represent a significant cost however, and there are many choices in terms of the hardware, software, networks and services that you can use. You also have to balance the needs of your business today with those that you foresee in the future. Budget constraints will always affect the path chosen and the speed with which you can advance.

Making the right technology decisions takes experience and understanding. The experience that comes from having done it successfully before, and the understanding of the particular business opportunity you have.

Making the wrong IT decisions can mean having system breakdowns that impact business for hours or even days. It can mean ending up with poor communications, critical business information being inaccessible or being vulnerable to security risks. A competitor who is exploiting a relevant technology better can get ahead of you.

Small businesses need to have the best advice in terms of IT strategy and yet most cannot afford to hire a full time Chief Information Officer (CIO) or even a technical expert.

Earl Consulting Services can help devise a plan for your business to stabilize and secure your current environment, plan the future phases, and recommend the most appropriate IT strategy. All without having to burden your business with the cost of full-time IT people.